queXC 0.9.2 released

queXC 0.9.2 has been released today on Sourceforge.

There hasn't been a queXC release in a while, so this one incorporates a lot of new changes.

In summary, major new features include the ability to code to multiple columns (multiple choice coding) and to assign portions of the text to a code by simply selecting it in the browser window. A search feature has been added for searching inside coding schemes. An administrator can update the data description (question labels, response labels). A keyword correspondence feature allows you to automatically code a field based on the details of another. Also, operators can see their performance in comparison with other operators while working.

Read more for details:

  • Added keyword correspondence feature (code based on a keyword file from any other column)
  • Added ability to code via a reference column (coding other)
  • Added percentages,totals and file description to DDI description
  • Added refer to supervisor (expert) method
  • Added search code function - returns list of applicable codes, when clicked - will update list on page
  • Redo work unit occurs instantly (next work unit will be the one selected for redo)
  • Added unassign function (To remove assigned work from operators so someone else can do it later)
  • Added update DDI (update data description) function
  • CSS updated to work on most size screens now
  • Added list data function to display the current revision of the data file, column by column
  • Added a new "Compare" process which compares the coding of multiple operators, and sets them as identical" if they are identical, otherwise gets a third operator to decide the change
  • Added "exclusive" element to process - this means that an operator can only work on this process if they haven't worked on the parent process(es)
  • Added multiple column coding (coding to a multiple choice response) including text selecting and assigning to the multiple code selected
  • Added performance screen for coders
  • Added PSPP export of syntax only
  • XML outputs as UTF-8