queXC User Documentation

Spell checking

Misspelt words will appear highlighted. Left click on the word for a list of suggestions of correctly spelt words.

If you wish to manually correct the word, click on the icon in the bottom left corner of the box.

Once you are happy with the spelling of the word, click on "Submit and continue"


Codes are listed and can be selected by clicking on them. A list of sub-codes in the hierarchy will be listed if they exist in a column next to the selected code.

Adding codes

If the adding of codes has been enabled, add a code by typing the value for the code in the first text box, then the description for the code in the second text box, and click "add". The page will refresh with the new code created and selected. To create a sub-code - first select the code's parent, then use the add code boxes in the column to the right.

Redoing work

If you have made a mistake or wish to redo work, use the work history box at the bottom of the screen. Find the work you wish to redo (top-most is most recent) and click the "redo" link once. Please note that the work will not appear straight away, but will appear eventually. It is added to a list of your work to do.